A person who travels very frequently, especially for business. —adj.
Example Citation:
"Hyperfliers can be identified by pallid complexion, red, watery eyes and a crease in their stomach from having a laptop crushed into their body by the reclining seat in front of them."
— David Olive, "Modern Business Usage," The National Post, July 1, 2001
Earliest Citation:
The final jet-booster of this trend is the airlines' extraordinarily successful frequent-flier programs, which have provided the burgeoning hyperflier culture with its own currency, lexicon, and class structure. ... The hyperfliers may think they're getting something for nothing, but they're actually playing the airlines' game. By tightly restricting free flights, airlines have rigged it so that a passenger flying for free almost never displaces a paying customer, and typically costs the airline only about $20 per flight. But to earn that $20 flight, Hyperfliers will go out of their way to book all their tickets on one airline, and may waste hundreds or thousands of dollars building their status."
— Warren Berger, "Life Sucks and Then You Fly," Wired, August, 1999
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